"What we learn with pleasure, we never forget." ~ Alfred Mercier

Learn how a custom learning strategy can work for you and those you are teaching.

No one ever said teaching is easy. With the plethora of learning methodologies available it can be daunting to undertake a new way of teaching your students, training your staff, or even educating your kids at home. Maybe your cutting-edge teaching methods don't seem to be getting through to your students. Perhaps your own limited mindset is holding you back from teaching at your best. The Cogent Construct is an organization dedicated to helping others perform at their best

What do you get? First, we work on your mindset and teaching potential as the teacher, administrator, or educators of others. Then we arm you with the tools to help your students, members, or participants become independent learners and develop valuable 21st-century skills. UNESCO cited 21st-century skills as the link between education and economy and the main focus of the future of education. 

If you want to learn new teaching methods, incorporate growth mindset and 21st century skills into your programming,  improve the quality of service for learning communities, or even just gain the confidence to improve your talents, please contact me!

How we learn, is a reflection on  how we see the world.

At The Cogent Construct, we know that learning comes in all forms of everyday life. Teachers educate students in a formal school setting, but parents and caregivers educate kids in homeschooling scenarios. University students and adult learners need to be self-motivated and independent in much of their learning. Adult migrants need to develop new occupational and language skills as well as cultural knowledge. Business trainers need to perform skill transfer to employees while caseworkers help ex-prisoners pursue new lives beyond the jailhouse walls. That's why my client list is so diverse. 

Let's work together to help educate.

The Cogent Construct serves industries and individuals globally. We can customize coaching sessions, courses, or workshops to suit your needs.

Sample of clients