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"We are all capable of more than we think we are."  ~ Laozi
Learn English through Music, the Arts, and Culture

Why Music, the Arts, and Culture?

Some people have acquired good "technical" English, but they still lack in conversational skills. 

In real life, most conversation is social and cultural in nature. 

Skill Transfer...

When we learn skills in one area of life, they have a tendency to show up in other areas of our lives. When we improve our conversational skills in a foreign language, we also improve those skills in our native language. 




Who would benefit ?

All Professionals

University Students

Tourism Professionals


Teachers and Professors

Language Enthusiasts


Classes One-to-One Online

Classes are conveniently offered online through Skype. You can take your class

from anywhere in the world!

Increase your vocabulary and range of expressions

Music, the Arts, and Culture provide us with thousands of possible topics of conversation. 

Each weekly topic will include distinct vocabulary and expressions to help your conversational English advance rapidly. 

"I am not good at conversation."

Sometimes we pick up false beliefs about ourselves causing a "fixed" mindset in certain areas of our lives. 

These "fixed" ideas can hold us back from reaching our potential related to language learning. 

Improve self-efficacy

with Growth Mindset

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