Students and Adult Learners

Growth Mindset, Learning Techniques, and 21st Century Skills for Adult Learners and University Students

Shift Your Mindset: Reach Your Potential

   Available: Online for Individuals or In person for Groups

                   Your mindset: Where are you fixed? 

 How do you see natural talents, IQ, skills, vs POTENTIAL? 


6 Sessions:  "Shift For Mindset"  Coaching and Training Phase 1 

Discover the obstacles and mindsets that are holding you back from reaching your full potential

Learn and apply 8 mains areas of Growth Mindset to your personal and academic life

Start implementing useful techniques and methods to help yourself develop transferable skills

Implement new techniques and learning strategies based on how you perform best

Begin improving your self-efficacy  

Improve mental agility

Strive for becoming 100% Accountable

Practice flexibility

8 Sessions:  "Reach Your Potential" Coaching and Training Phase 2

Develop short and long-term plans and goals and work to see things come to fruition

Gain new skills and strategies to tackle academic and life challenges 

Practice implementing effective effort strategies

Build transferable 21st-century skills

Develop emotional intelligence

Improve worldview

Develop learning strategies

Improve your executive function skills


Regular and ongoing coaching is available for university students and adult learners.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding my coaching and training options.