Teaching and Learning Techniques with Growth Mindset: Coaching and Training for all Professors, Teachers,
Instructors, and Trainers
Shift Your Mindset: Reach Your Potential
   Available: Online for Individuals or In person for Groups

                   Your mindset: Where are you fixed? 

 How do you see natural talents, IQ, skills, vs POTENTIAL? 

6 Sessions:  "Shift Your Mindset" Coaching and Training Phase 1 

Discover where you are fixed in your teaching and begin working on your mindset first

Learn and apply 8 mains areas of Growth Mindset

Apply components of Growth Mindset to your teaching to begin shifting the mindset of your students

Start implementing useful techniques and methods to help students or participants  develop transferable skills

Implement new techniques based on how students learn best

Begin changing the classroom climate to improve student self-efficacy and movement  towards becoming more independent learners. 

8 Sessions:  "Reach Your Potential" Coaching and Training Phase 2

After completing phase one, we will have developed a good foundation and understanding of Growth Mindset, neuroplasticity, and conditioning. We will have addressed areas we are fixed in our own teaching or thinking. We will have begun implementing growth mindset along with new teaching methods and learning strategies to guide our student into more independent learning,. Now, we are ready to start working on your curriculum, unit, lesson, course,  class,  or workshop plans.  

We delve deeper into application of more advanced learning theory and combine the concepts with applicable methodology such as:.

Social Learning Methods

Community- Based Learning

Project-Based Learning

Expeditionary Learning

Inquiry-Based Learning

Skill and Strategy Transfer / 21st Century Skills 

Development of Learning Strategies

Emotional Intelligence, character,  and citizenship building 

Using community organizations as learning resources

AFL- Assessment for Learning strategies: more formative assessment in classroom such as effective feedback and the power of reflection

And More

Phase 1 and 2 can be extended as needed. I create a customized plan for you.

Throughout both phases the teacher / instructor is also continuously working on his or her own mindset and challenges in teaching.  

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding my coaching and training options.